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Latin Community Health Advisors INC.

It's a non-profit 501(C)3 organization established in 2016. Born from need for the Latins Community to receive health issues counseling in their own language. A lot of Latins when they come to the US they do not know how to get the basic services that are of great importance to humans. In addition they arrive disoriented, and likewise have limitations with the language. That's why LCHA born to give them the support that this community needs, in their language providing them with affection, understanding and the respect they deserve.


Educate about health issues, social welfare and prevention through counseling, workshops and seminars, in addition to serving as coordinators and liaison with organizations providing services related to health. The engine of our actions will be based on ethics, respect for human dignity and social equity.


We see ourselves as educational leaders who provide the information necessary for improving the physical and mental health, joining forces with the best health and insurance professionals in order to inprove access and quality of care.


Help us to help others!


   Materials Donations 407.782.0388

Edna Janice Febo

Certified Community Health Worker

Consulado México 

2550 Technology Dr,

Orlando, FL 32804

(407) 422-0514 Ext.409


El motor de nuestras acciones será el respeto por la dignidad humana y la equidad social.

        The engine of our actions will be respect for human dignity and social equity.

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